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Small business owners put their heart and soul into creating, delivering products and services that brighten & nourish our lives.

As we face uncertain times these artisans, makers, bakers, farmers, chefs, shopkeepers and agents are finding themselves vulnerable and they need your support.

I believe working together is the best way to face the unknown, so I created this small business community to make it easy to find, connect and support Portuguese-based businesses during this time of crisis (and beyond).

This community was created to show independent businesses in Portugal that they are not alone and together we are stronger.

Scroll through the directory to discover local and small businesses, connect with them online and support them if you can. Every euro spent with a small business can help keep someone’s dream alive. If you wish to add your business, it’s easy and free. Just choose a package and join our Facebook group.

the founder​.

My name is Susie and I’m so happy you’re here. Three years ago I packed suitcases into my car and left Rome, Italy. Discovering Portugal while on the road was a surprise that changed my life and I’ve called this amazing country my home since.

As a small business owner myself I’ve felt the immediate and abrupt impact of the crisis. I had to shut down my boutique real estate and relocation agency in the Algarve [Vivo in Portogallo] as many of our deals were suspended due to the current situation.

I started Pequenas Empresas Portugal as I wanted a way to discover and support other small businesses in Portugal. I hope this network not only creates hope, but real connections so we can stand tall together and pull through these darker days.

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How This Works.​

We believe that working together makes us stronger, so this platform was created to help people find, connect and support small businesses in Portugal.

The concept is very simple & you can add your business for free.

Maybe you’re looking for a local florist or bakery, a lawyer or agent – use the search function to scroll through our directory and find local and independent businesses in Portugal.

Once you’ve found the businesses you were looking for, be sure to connect with them online or in person. If you register you can leave reviews of your favourite businesses. The other great place to connect is the Facebook Group. Join the community and ask questions, share your favourite small businesses and more.

Every euro spent with a small business in Portugal helps to keep a dream alive. Yes, spending as little as €10 can give a small business hope. Spending that with a big national or international chain won’t mean much.

If you are a small business, we are encouraging bartering too. That is where you exchange goods or services with another small business without the exchange of money.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”​